We possess a wide range of competencies in product design services, enabling us to comprehensively understand client specifications and provide unwavering support in meeting market needs and ensuring customer satisfaction.


We offer a systematic method to improve functions of your product/system while reducing the cost..

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We offer a systematic method to improve functions of your product/system while reducing the cost..

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Our dedicated FEA team shall bring in design validation expertise to meet real world challenges for your products.

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We offer a systematic method to improve functions of your product/system while reducing the cost..

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We work on digitizing your old 2d designs/drawings and support in design improvement and enhancements..

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Our designs are quickly validated with in-house FDM printers offering multiples solutions at short span

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We talk about complete value chain – NPD, sustenance, testing, support and performance improvement services.​

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Leverage our expertise in “Modernize – Upgrade – Safety functionalities Maintenance and Support services.”​​

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Our team provides guidance to help companies comply with the requirements of various regulations.

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Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and Mixed reality connect the virtual and physical worlds. They allow you to visually absorb information

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3D animated videos or the complete design of new virtual worlds. Under Reality creates highly sophisticated environments for mind-blowing experiences.

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Our team of designers and developers help you in effectively projecting ideas and delivering the message.

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Enlisting the support of a graphic designer can see your capabilities to communicate your message with your customer excel..

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Reach us for a comprehensive product/process documentation to different stakeholders​.

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iLenSys Internship program is focused in offering trained interns to meet the immediate talent..

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At iLenSys, we specialize in diverse engineering segments with extensive domain knowledge across the product life cycle and excel in delivering project engineering services for global clients.With over a decade of experience, we have successfully enhanced our service and solution delivery by leveraging the latest technological advancements.


We offer better designs to improve usability, improve perception of your products​.

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Our solutions addresses regulatory compliances right from product ideation to marketing in the volatile market​

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Leverage our deep expertise in hardware, firmware and software design for instruments.

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Our understanding on technologies helps in reducing manufacturing costs, improving robustness in design.

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We specialize in considering critical safety aspects during the design of static and mobile equipment.

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We prioritize critical usage conditions, applications, and standards in our material handling equipment designs.

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At iLenSys, we understand that obsolescence management can be complex and time-consuming. That's why our SaaS application is designed to make the process as simple and efficient as possible, giving you more time to focus on your core business activities.


Effortlessly streamline product environmental compliance with our cutting-edge SaaS software application.

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Safeguard your business against BoM risks and effectively manage part/component obsolescence with our advanced SaaS software application.

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Simplify global regulatory compliance with our streamlined SaaS application and services, ensuring seamless adherence to standards.

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Today, with countries and businesses more connected than ever, ensuring product compliance with international standards and regulations is not just a legal necessity but a strategic advantage. This deep dive into the world of global regulations and standards reveals why adherence is pivotal for manufacturers and how it influences the safety, efficiency, and marketability of products and their critical components across borders.

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The materials are essential for critical performance of electronic products. Disposal of some of these materials,

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Practical Approach for moving from Single Source to Multi Source

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Watch how the iLensys Compliance Manager transforms environmental compliance challenges into actionable insights in just 60 seconds. From initial concerns to compliance success, discover a seamless integration of data and technology.

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Case Studies

Our Online Elemental Analyzer is designed for real-time composition analysis of materials on a conveyor belt,

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