We deliver high-quality engineering support to market leaders of static and mobile equipment's with our highly proficient team of subject matter experts, process experts and skilled engineers. Our engineering team with diversified experience shall always available to understand your design and manufacturing requirements. Our team supports developing in house tools that could enhance the project requirements and the experience of working for a diverse group of worldwide customers.


  • Oil and Gas Road Tankers
  • Cryogenic Road Tankers and Semitrailers
  • Cryogenic Rail Cars
  • Cryogenic ISO Containers
  • General Purpose ISO C
  • Oil and Gas Road Tankers
  • Cryogenic Road Tankers and Semitrailers
  • Cryogenic Rail Cars
  • Cryogenic ISO Containers
  • General Purpose ISO C
  • LNG Refuelling Station
  • LNG Satelight Station
  • LNG Semitrailers
  • LNG Storage Tanks

Project Engineering Services

Flow Diagrams
Piping and Skids
3D Modeling and Drafting
FEA/CFD Design
Costing and Estimation
PreBid and Feed
Process Equipment Design
Process Design
Plant Layout Engineering
Electrical and Instrumentation


We have supported projects with international codes, standard and regulations like:

  1. ASME Section VIII-Div I, ASME Section VIII - Div II
  2. EN-13458
  3. EN-13648
  4. EN-13530
  5. EN 13445
  6. PED
  1. PD 5500
  2. UBC, IBC
  3. IS-8750
  4. HPGSA Japan, JIS
  5. DOT MC 338, DOT MC 331
  6. TEMA
  7. HTRI

We have supported projects with international codes, standard and regulations like:

  • ASME Section VIII - Div I
  • ASME Section VIII - Div II
  • EN - 13458
  • EN - 13648
  • EN - 13530
  • EN 13445
  • PED
  • API 650, API 650
  • PD 5500
  • UBC, IBC
  • IS-875
  • HPGSA Japan, JIS
  • DOT MC 338, DOT MC 331
  • TEMA
  • HTRI

Other Industries

  • medical-devices-equipment-thumbnail.png

    Our solutions addresses regulatory compliances right from product ideation to marketing in the volatile market​

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  • analytical-Instruments-thumbnail.jpg

    Leverage our deep expertise in hardware, firmware and software design for instruments.

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  • life-sciences-thumbnail.jpg

    Our understanding on technologies helps in reducing manufacturing costs, improving robustness in design.

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  • static-thumbnail.jpg

    We specialize in considering critical safety aspects during the design of static and mobile equipment.

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  • material-thumbnail.jpg

    We prioritize critical usage conditions, applications, and standards in our material handling equipment designs.

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  • mechanical-engineering.jpg

    We work on Core Disciplines and follow an agile approach and add value in our engagements

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  • embeeded-systems.jpg

    We offer small form factor designs to multi-board system designs.

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  • industrial-automation.jpg

    Services for PLCs, HMI, Motion Controllers, Servo Amplifiers, VFD and Plant automation is offered.

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  • regulatory-affaris.jpg

    Services from compliance management, risk mitigation for medical device manufacturers to meet global market regulations

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  • 3d-immersive-tech.jpg

    Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and Mixed reality connect the virtual and physical worlds. They allow you to visually absorb information

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  • technical-documentation.jpg

    Reach us for a comprehensive product/process documentation to different stakeholders​.

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  • early-engineering-talent.jpg

    We engage with Global Captive Centre’s by addressing Talent Crunch in Electronics and Mechanical Engineering domains.

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