New Product Development Case Study 28 Dec 2023

Our Online Elemental Analyzer is designed for real-time composition analysis of materials on a conveyor belt,

Product Overview:
Our Online Elemental Analyzer is designed for real-time composition analysis of materials on a conveyor belt, employing a non-contact and non-destructive analysis method.

Challenges Faced:

  • Revamping the Metal Analyzer arrangement for enhanced structural strength and simplified assembly.
  • Configuring the Product Platform for optimal performance.
  • Developing concepts for weight reduction.

Implemented Solutions:

  • Conducted a comprehensive Competitor Analysis to enhance product features.
  • Formulated a robust structural design without cross-steel members, incorporating FRP to reduce steel fabrications.
  • Achieved variable tunnel height configurations to accommodate different belt widths.
  • Improved analyzer efficiency, ensuring more accurate results.
  • Significantly reduced weight, cost of fabrication, and assembly complexity.

Business Benefits:

  • Introduced a configurable bolted design, enabling increased tunnel height and accommodating various belt widths.
  • Reduced the overall assembly weight by approximately 25% and minimized the number of steel parts by 60%.
  • Enhanced efficiency by eliminating cross-steel members to prevent interference with radiations.
  • Implemented a new design with a single assembly configuration, accommodating varying tunnel heights and belt widths, as opposed to the old design with a single assembly and varying tunnel heights.
  • Improved aesthetics through the use of light plastic panels, addressing concerns such as thermal expansion, contraction, and color fading.

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