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Our Service Offerings
  • BoM Analysis & Risk Identification
  • Risk Prioritization
  • Change Implementation
  • BoM Upload & Data Processing to Database
  • Part Creation & Modification
  • Task Management & Verification
  • Database Updating & Reporting
How We Deliver Services
  • Dedicated team of experts with industry knowledge 
and experience
  • Collaborative approach with clients to ensure successful outcomes
  • Tailored solutions to meet unique needs and challenges
  • Seamless integration with our obsolescence management software
Benefits of Our Services
  • Mitigate supply chain risks and reduce obsolescence issues
  • Increase efficiency and productivity through streamlined processes
  • Improve decision-making with comprehensive data analysis and reporting
  • Enhance ROI with cost-effective and scalable solutions

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Comprehensive Obsolescence Management Solutions


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Unlock the full potential of obsolescence management with iOM—your comprehensive solution for identifying, analyzing, and mitigating obsolescence risks. iOM is not just software; it's the key to ensuring supply chain continuity and efficiency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Continuous Monitoring & Reporting keeps your BoM up-to-date with the latest information on component life cycles and emerging risks. Regular updates and detailed reports provide insights into potential obsolescence issues, allowing you to take proactive measures. This ongoing vigilance helps maintain supply chain stability and minimizes disruptions.

iLenSys offers a range of strategies for Risk Mitigation and Resolution, including identifying and sourcing alternate parts, securing stock to prevent shortages, and implementing necessary modifications to the BoM. Our collaborative approach ensures that all stakeholders are involved in the resolution process, leading to effective and timely risk mitigation.

Our BoM Analysis & Risk Identification service involves a thorough examination of your Bill of Materials (BoM) to detect potential obsolescence issues. We prioritize risks based on their impact and likelihood, helping you understand which components are at risk and require immediate attention. This proactive approach enables you to address obsolescence before it disrupts your operations.

The iLenSys Obsolescence Manager (iOM) is a comprehensive SaaS solution designed to help you efficiently identify, analyze, and mitigate obsolescence risks within your supply chain. By providing detailed BoM analysis, risk prioritization, alternate part sourcing, and continuous monitoring, iOM ensures the continuity and optimization of your supply chain operations.

Using iLenSys Obsolescence Management Services offers several benefits, including:

  • Mitigating Supply Chain Risks: Reducing the impact of obsolescence issues through proactive identification and resolution.
  • Increasing Efficiency: Streamlining processes to enhance productivity and reduce downtime.
  • Improving Decision-Making: Leveraging comprehensive data analysis and reporting for informed decision-making.
  • Enhancing ROI: Achieving cost-effective and scalable solutions that maximize your return on investment.

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