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For Engineering and R&D

Why iLenSys Obsolescence Manager for Engineering and R&D?


For new product development, Engineering and R&D professionals must ensure that all components and materials 
used are reliable, available, and compliant with relevant regulations and standards.

Our application can help engineering and R&D professionals to plan and implement risk mitigation strategies based on the analysis of BoM risks and cross-functional collaboration.

Our application aids Engineering and R&D professionals in Obsolescence analysis, enabling them to identify potential obsolescence and or environmental compliance concerns with components.

By proactively identifying and addressing potential risks, our application can help engineering and R&D professionals to improve their product development process, reduce the risk of supply chain disruptions, and minimize time-to-market.

Our application can enable engineering and R&D professionals to collaborate with other teams, such as supply chain, procurement, quality and compliance, to manage risks throughout the product lifecycle.

For Sourcing and Procurement

Why iLenSys Obsolescence Manager for Sourcing and Procurement?


For those involved in sourcing and procurement our Obsolescence Manager and proactive obsolescence management SaaS application is ideal.

Optimize sourcing strategies, achieve cost savings, and mitigate supply chain disruption risks.

Mitigate supply chain disruption risks and ensure continuity of supply for critical components.

Manage product lifecycle and ensure continuity of supply for critical components.

Manage parts obsolescence risk, optimize sourcing strategies, and improve overall supply chain performance.

Ensure parts availability throughout production run and mitigate supply chain disruption risks.

For Large Organizations

Why iLenSys Obsolescence Manager for Large Organizations?


For large organizations seeking to streamline their electronic component procurement process and mitigate risks associated with parts obsolescence.

Reduce the cost and complexity of managing parts obsolescence and supply chain risks. Improved visibility of components used across business units and increases the efficiency in identifying potential alternates. The amount of time needed to identify alternative parts can be decreased by 25%. This also means that for a quarter of the time, there is no need to search for alternative parts on the open market. For 25% of the time, the implementation can be significantly faster as the alternative parts had already been qualified in other BoMs.

How it Works

The workflow entails a recurring sequence of BoM analysis and risk identification, risk resolution, change implementation, and continuous monitoring. The software application provides tools for each step of the process and facilitates collaboration between users with different roles to effectively manage BoM risks.

BoM Analysis, Risk Identification and Risk Prioritization

  • Upload BoM to the software application
  • Perform risk analysis on the BoM
  • Identify potential risks such as EOL, RoHS3, REACH,
    Supply Chain, NRND, and LTB
  • Prioritize risks based on severity and likelihood of occurrence
BoM Analysis, Risk Identification and Risk Prioritization
Risk Resolution

Risk Resolution

  • Determine the appropriate actions to mitigate each risk such as
    finding alternate parts, securing stock, or making modifications
  • Assign actions to users with the appropriate roles such as
    component engineers, coordinators, and procurement teams
  • Monitor and manage the progress of risk resolution actions
  • Continuously update the database with the latest stock and life
    cycle information
  • Track the mitigation status of each risk and generate risk reports
    for management

Change Implementation

  • Assign the risk identified part(s) to the project engineer.
  • Initiate change implementation following the change
    implementation processes and tools
  • Create, track, and complete the project and update the BoM
    with the latest version or revision.
Change Implementation

Continuous Monitoring:

  • Continuously monitor the BoM for changes in life cycle status or new risks
  • Perform regular BoM analysis and risk identification to ensure the BoM remains up to date and risks are addressed in a timely manner


Our Obsolescence Manager SaaS software application provides a comprehensive set of features to help users effectively manage risks and mitigate the impact of obsolescence. Key features of our solution include:

Risk Reports

Our software generates detailed risk reports that identify risk
types and risk priorities, along with a critical parts list and
further actions to be taken.

Risk Reports
Risk Mitigation Workflow

Risk Mitigation Workflow

Our solution includes a risk mitigation workflow that helps users take actions address identified risks. This includes actions with procurement, alternate finding, and engineering functions.

Change Resolution/Change Implementation Tracking

  • Our software provides change resolution and CI tracking to help users track changes and ensure that they are implemented correctly.
  • Our software tracks every stage of the sustainability engineering project, from identifying alternates to implementing design changes, to ensure that the project stays on track towards meeting its sustainability goals.

Change Resolution/Change Implementation Tracking
Part Search

Part Search

Our software includes a part search by manufacturer part numbers (MPNs) and internal part numbers (IPN). Part Search brings results by searching our database and parts from BoM across the products, business units and divisions of our customer organization.

Escalations and Notifications:

Our software sends escalations and notifications to drive monitoring and productivity across cross-functional teams involved in the sustainability change tracking process. This helps to ensure that issues are identified and addressed in a timely manner.

Key Differentiators

Our customers can benefit in various ways from the unique features of our software Key differentiators of our solution include.

Complete BoM

Coverage with first-time scrub within 2-3 weeks, enabling identification of potential risks: Our software provides 100% coverage of the BoM, allowing for comprehensive risk assessment and mitigation. The first-time scrub is conducted within 2-3 weeks, providing customers with timely information on potential risks to their production line.

Prioritization of Risks

based on BoM parameters for clear action and minimal production downtime: Our tool prioritizes risks based on BoM parameters such as EAU and inventory data by categorizing risks into high, medium, and low priority, the software provides clear actions to minimize production downtime.


Cross-comparison of BoMs to identify alternate components and mitigate risks: Our software goes beyond typical approaches by cross-comparing the BoMs of all products in a customer organization to identify alternate components The amount of time needed to identify alternative parts can be decreased by 25%.

Expert Engineering Team

Ensures compatibility and performance of replacement components: Our engineering team evaluates circuit compatibility and confirms that replacement components meet application requirements. They capture form, fit, and function specifications with accuracy to ensure no impact on system performance.

Risk Mitigation

Risk mitigation includes notifying procurement team for right inventory levels and change implementation: In addition to finding alternate components, our software notifies the procurement team of the right inventory levels based on the risk types and levels.

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous monitoring with 100% BoM coverage for uninterrupted production and minimized downtime: Our software offers continuous monitoring with 100% BoM coverage for ongoing risk assessment and mitigation. This ensures uninterrupted production and minimizes downtime.

24/7 Support

Support for redesign projects with 25% reduction in overall development time/cost: We offer support for redesign projects by leveraging reusability for hardware/firmware design. This results in a 25% reduction in overall development time and cost.

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Services: More Than Just Software

Maximize Your BoM Coverage with iLenSys Obsolescence Manager: Complete BoM Coverage with Inclusive Professional Services, No Extra Costs.

Our Service Offerings

Our Service Offerings

  • BoM Analysis & Risk Identification
  • Risk Prioritization
  • Change Implementation
  • BoM Upload & Data Processing to Database
  • Part Creation & Modification
  • Task Management & Verification
  • Database Updating & Reporting

How We Deliver Services

  • Dedicated team of experts with industry knowledge and experience
  • Collaborative approach with clients to ensure successful outcomes
  • Tailored solutions to meet unique needs and challenges
  • Seamless integration with our BoM risk management software
How We Deliver Services
Benefits of Our Services

Benefits of Our Services

  • Mitigate supply chain risks and reduce obsolescence issues
  • Increase efficiency and productivity through streamlined processes
  • Improve decision-making with comprehensive data analysis and reporting
  • Enhance ROI with cost-effective and scalable solutions

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