New Product Development White Paper 28 Dec 2023

iLenSys Technologies has worked with leading Life Sciences industry players who are typically science-based firms sustaining the disruptive innovations by understanding context of organisations and as a process within organisations.

Innovation has been the engine of growth for original equipment manufacturers driven by societal changes and market needs leading to demands and opportunities. Overall the innovation processes are company specific which is rich in knowledge from creative individuals, manufacturing processes and product knowledge.

Any New Product Development is driven by management perspective, organisational behaviour which looks at internal processes and activities, relationships with other firms, trade barriers and competition among peers.

iLenSys Technologies has worked with leading Life Sciences industry players who are typically science-based firms sustaining the disruptive innovations by understanding context of organisations and as a process within organisations.

Scope of our Services:
iLenSys understands the definition of design, semantics as how it differs from innovation. Our Designers work with Engineers for many years covering a broad spectrum of design activities from concepts by understanding design trends.

Addressing time lag between innovation and product usage is key KPI with us – Adoption is usually the speed at which end users adopt to innovation and the rate is measured by the length of time required for a certain percentage of societal members to adopt to innovation.

iLenSys has developed in-house design processes and teams to shorten the product design lead times and achieve client expectations in terms of On Time Delivery and First Time Right.

Managing innovation keeping in mind uncertainties is key in our deliverables, we experience high uncertainty at development engineering stages which has low output, less uncertainty in application engineering stages considering higher outputs. Similarly, if a market opportunity has been identified, the final product idea may be fairly well established.

Amongst several innovative management tools and methodologies, we can handle NPD projects by referring to technology roadmaps, industry insights, IPR concerns, technology search, competitor analysis, focused group studies, understand concurrent engineering, apply brainstorming, project management tools to spinoff projects from research to market.

The key challenges we address like the urge to do new things, redefine customer values, courage to take risks and manage them, project execution with a mind-set to business creation sets apart iLenSys as a key service provider for the Life Sciences industry.

As a Design Service provider we look at simplification in designs like using common fasteners, eliminate fasteners by single piece design, push and snap assemblies and several concepts of DFMA.

Safeguarding Client IPRs has been a key challenge in our successful engagements with our clients who have several Patents, Copyrights and Registered Designs, suitable Non-Disclosure Agreements are signed with clients before any engagements and all the engineers are briefed about the IPR infringement.

How we start with NPD? Many business opportunities are explored and the more promising ones become product concepts, this will usually mean a small team is formed who will explore the possibilities for this product. Usually, the team will be a cross-functional team with different functions, based on technical specifications, market needs, consumer testing, production capabilities we perform concept testing and screening followed by product development and testing and then market launch support.


To summarise, New Product Ideas can emerge from any source, such as existing products, unexploited patents, users, suppliers, etc. iLenSys has engaged in generating business opportunities to our clients and seek to engage with more such Industry players and interested readers.

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