Brandxx set out to develop a 3D interactive application to showcase how their analytical instruments help safety and security professionals detect hazardous materials, explosives and radiological threats.

Our design team and Brandxx collaborated in developing the concept to create a user friendly and seamless application. The team wanted to be able to show case how the Brandxx’s products were applicable in safety managements in different parts of the city. Once the 3D design team optimized and touched up CAD file of the products, into low poly 3D models. The entire city's layout, characters, and Brandxx's items were then textured in line with the design motif of toon style. The application's virtual environment was built as a city including a shipping port, hospital, stadium, train station, and several other public meeting places. A lot of animations were added to the production to make the city livelier. Numerous characters were animated across the city to reflect natural and essential interactions in various locations. The development team worked on the application with great precision using low poly 3D models , and fitting each product with description, weblink, and enquiry links. Some of the products even had video links article etc. Audio was added to the application enhancing the experience for the viewer.

The interactive 3D application was successfully created with the goal of being more user-friendly, more aesthetically pleasing, and packed with features that made it easy to describe the Productxx.


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